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Life Coaching is not Counseling.  Life Coaching is a communicating skill to reach all levels of EMPTINESS, EMOTIONAL PAIN, CONFUSION, SPIRITUALITY, UNPLEASANT MEMORIES, and all that keeps you from communicating, happiness, loving and being loved, living a positive empowering life and that which keeps you from living in the NOW.  
Life Coaching removes fear and guilt which obstruct manifestation in your life and keeps you from moving forward in a powerful and positive way. Life Coaching empties you of negative memories, heals you and begins to build you as you begin to live in the NOW.  Life Coaching finds out where you need to concentrate more on and less of in your life.  In Life Coaching you find out what area of your life is not being fulfilled.  LC empowers you to change behaviors and actions from not too good to better or great.

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Freedom Life Coaches 
In Life Coaching you take action and responsibility, remove obstacles and transform in a powerful and positive manner.  Life becomes easier and priorities get in order.  You begins to feel, safe, accepted, respected, admired.  You feel more in control of your environment, you begin to gain trust, freedom of movement and expression.  You begin to love life.  You create a pleasant atmosphere, you get good positive ideas, you grow, you learn, and you begin to understand life, and you, most importantly, get to know who you are, where you come from and what your purpose is in life.  You set goals and accomplish them to the best of your ability.  You build your self-esteem and become a new person.
Mary Coca
Master Transformational Life Coach aka
Alternative Medicine
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